The story of a photographer

Hi, I'm Emily! I first decided to take photography from being just a hobby to being something I pursue professionally! I love to create, and photography is something that has always acted as an outlet for me. I use my photography to show others a glimpse through my eyes into the beauty I see in human beings...from the love shared between two people, to the joy on a soon-to-be graduate's face that they finally made it, to the chubby cheeks of a baby just learning to explore the world!

Some background on me!

⋗ I’ve been intertwined in the world of photography since I was in high school. From a mentorship with a photographer in my small hometown to prop making, to modeling for fellow photographer's styled shoots & content days, I’ve seen a little bit of everything!

⋗ I’m a creative at heart and have always been involved in the arts! I grew up dancing and found my way into the world of photography through my eagerness to learn and grow as a creative. I love pulling aspects of dance into my photoshoots and client posing to accentuate the human body in a soft, delicate, and intriguing way. Whether it be through dance or photography, I love having the ability to tell a story without the use of words. I want my art to reflect each individual client, and I pride myself on being adaptable in this way.

Without further ado...

Let the journey begin!


Jennifer R.

“Our experience was exceptional from beginning to end. She was willing to work around our time schedule, was super friendly, and flexible. Her ideas on places for pictures, attire, & poses were uniquely tailored to fit Isaac. Immediately, Isaac felt at ease as she encouraged him to show his true spirit as she took pictures. Emily was also willing to do whatever she needed to get the perfect picture…including laying on the ground in downtown Lexington! We highly recommend Emily Christian Photography.”